Employee Needs and Recruitment


In recruitment the internal environment of the organization plays a crucial role in helping the organizations to attract the best talent.

Traditionally organizations viewed the main requirements of employees as:

  • Increasing the financial stability
  • Career Growth
  • Learning
  • Social Status & Recognition
  • Being a part of a larger family

However in the current business environment requirements have changed. With the technological advancement the workforce dynamics have changed. In the current context organizations needs to consider demands such as:

  • Working from home
  • Flexible work hours
  • Contract employment
  • Faster career growth

Organizations needs to cater to all the above demands since each individual will be prioritizing different aspects according to their requirement. Therefore a creation of an internal environment which caters to the various demands of the employees in the present day will be vital in retaining the best  whilst reducing the stress on recruitment.



3 thoughts on “Employee Needs and Recruitment

  1. It is very much important to consider and identifying candidate expectations at interview process. Identifying the candidate expectations will help to retain them after the recruitment. According to survey which has done by “glassdoor” 6 in 10 (60%) employees says that they have found aspects of a new job different than expectations set during the interview process.

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  2. Over the years, although there may be differences in employee expectations the main expectations of an employee are still to have a supportive team environment with proper recognition (although the manner of recognition may have changed over the years) whilst providing adequate learning opportunities.
    That being said there are still those who would stay to fulfil monetary expectations although they may not be long term resources.

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