Who is truly responsible for Work life balance…

In the current business world we talk about a healthy  personal and a professional life, we often blame it on our busy work schedules for not being able to engage in activities that would contribute towards a balanced life in addition idea of a balanced life changes from person to person therefore although Organization have various frameworks and strategies for creating a balanced culture how can organizations achieve its goals, if as individuals our view of a balance life changes according to individual requirements


3 thoughts on “Who is truly responsible for Work life balance…

  1. Work-life balance is individualistic however if the organization has put in place the required practices to assist more of a balance such as flexible working hours, flexible working contracts such as part time work, allowances to study or work from home etc then it is striving towards more of a balance.
    On the flip side it should also look into the working hours of the employees to ensure work is well balanced and distributed amongst the team!

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  2. People’s priorities differ, hence it is individualistic. Whilst working to the best of your efforts at office, one should also connect with their passions outside office also which would eventually make you a more happier and an effective individual.
    On the other end, Organizations too need to create that culture to ensure that the employees attain a happy balance between their personal and professional life.

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