Employee Needs and Recruitment


In recruitment the internal environment of the organization plays a crucial role in helping the organizations to attract the best talent.

Traditionally organizations viewed the main requirements of employees as:

  • Increasing the financial stability
  • Career Growth
  • Learning
  • Social Status & Recognition
  • Being a part of a larger family

However in the current business environment requirements have changed. With the technological advancement the workforce dynamics have changed. In the current context organizations needs to consider demands such as:

  • Working from home
  • Flexible work hours
  • Contract employment
  • Faster career growth

Organizations needs to cater to all the above demands since each individual will be prioritizing different aspects according to their requirement. Therefore a creation of an internal environment which caters to the various demands of the employees in the present day will be vital in retaining the best  whilst reducing the stress on recruitment.



HR Innovation for Competitive Advantage


It is fair to say that the Human Resources is the biggest asset of an organization, however when it comes to the  HR innovation its not completely understood. There are few organizations  such as Google, 3M  and HP that have pioneered the HR innovation improving the productivity  whilst creating value to the business. The level of innovativeness in HR will contribute directly  to the bottom line and the survival of businesses  whilst helping HR function to move from being a Cost Center to a Value Creator.

Competitive Advantage Through HR Innovation



Who is truly responsible for Work life balance…

In the current business world we talk about a healthy  personal and a professional life, we often blame it on our busy work schedules for not being able to engage in activities that would contribute towards a balanced life in addition idea of a balanced life changes from person to person therefore although Organization have various frameworks and strategies for creating a balanced culture how can organizations achieve its goals, if as individuals our view of a balance life changes according to individual requirements

HRM Practices

“One of the corporate challenges of success for organizations in modern times is to develop a climate of trust, respect and dedication that allow employees to have their fair share of non-work related activities along with work. Non-work related activities promote employee and their family wellbeing and also encourage employees to be involved in voluntary community services”

Human Resources Management Creates Value…

Recently I went through an Article in HBR ( Harvard Business Review) which discussed about the value created by HR. In my career in HR what I have realized is that the value created by HR is not seen and at the same time is hard to quantify. However the key towards true value addition in HR is connected with possessing an overall understanding of the business.

HR professionals should be well rounded individuals who have a good idea about business strategy, Finance, Marketing and Operations. Agreeing with article HR value addition does not come through the traditional HR functions such as the payroll but through creation of a effective structure, performance measurements, alignment of the capabilities of employees with the market requirement since at the end of the day people make things happen and not machines.

what are your views on the above? Let me know and your comments are appreciated

For more insights please go through the below article. https://hbr.org/2011/12/why-hr-really-does-add-value#